Imagine, develop, manufacture, and introduce into the world something that wasn’t there before is a carefully pondered responsibility. We need to take a step back, and give up the idea of filling the whole space to make room for something else: other needs, other cultures, other desires. Because the Earth and its resources are not something we inherited from our fathers, but something we are borrowing from our sons.


If the purpose of an action changes, the action itself shifts from what it was. This new way of acting - the only approach to secure our future - can be certified. LEED system is the most widely used green building rating standard.

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LEED contribution matrix for each product line is available upon request.


The Declare label lists the materials in a product to disclose what they are made of, where they are produced and how they will be disposed of. This label is a call for responsibility to producers and users alike. The Declare Label is a guide to select products, provides information in a simple and transparent way and rises above greenwashing. Declare takes complex chemical analysis and raw material source location information to establish that products are free from hazardous chemicals.

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pba is committed to manufacture sustainable and recyclable hardware and bathware. We share all information related to pre and post consumer recycled content and chemicals content; our products are designed to be fully disassembled to guarantee recyclability. pba products contributes satisfying credits under LEED, are REACH compliant  and offer a Red List Free Declare Label. We believe that we have to be every day committed to take a stand to build an inclusive and sustainable future.


The shape represents the visual form of the product and it is usually perceived as the main element of design. At pba when we design a product we question how will the shape affect the consumption of resources, how will the size and proportions affect packaging and transportation costs.

Function and usability

The function and usability of the product contribute to its sustainability indirectly, as they help users use the product more easily in less time and with less energy consumption. People do not want products difficult to use, ease of use invites reuse, supporting waste reduction.

Materials and recycling

Materials play an essential role in sustainable design. pba products are made with recyclable materials and are designed to be easily disassembled and separate the materials to be recycled.

Durable design solutions

In order to reduce the use of resources and to reach zero waste, we design and manufacture products that last over time and that can be fully recycled and transformed into new resources.