Models and Details Dimensions: 600 * x 136 mm Lift-up grab rail with armrest, made of straight elements in PA6 polyamide with continuous internal reinforced core in aluminium and a front 180° elbow in PA6 polyamide; armrest in polyurethane; plate and folding mechanism in die-cast aluminium with cover and coating in PA6 polyamide. Spring-loaded folding mechanism, fitted with a friction adjustment system using a grub screw to prevent the grab rail from accidentally falling down. Plate to be fixed with 3 screws and wall plugs. Including 3 polyamide screw covering caps. Grab rail with kit for fixing on concrete and natural stone with stainless steel screws. Fixing kit for other types of material available on request. Wall fixing plate dimensions: 200 mm x 120 mm x 19.5 mm. Total rail length 600 * mm. Rail height 136 mm. Rail diameter Ø 36 mm. (max outer dimensions) * The plastic material used does not exhibit any cytotoxic effects (Tests performed according to EN ISO 10993-5) Article compliant with EN 12182 (Assistive products for persons with disability)

Polyamide 6


.01 - WHITE



.04 - YELLOW


.07 - GREY

.09 - RED

.10 - BLACK





  kg 120

This product is only offered in a European format
IDArticlesDescriptionABWith shower head holderWith articulated floor supportWith toilet roll holderCSinglePairNon lockingBottom closingChiusura superioreTop and bottom closingNon-through lockWith thumbturnAda
3684CN.445.0RTA 600*1360
20384CN.445.00RA 705*00
20484CN.445.0RLA 855*00
20974CN.45Y.00RA 700*136*0
21054CN.45Y.0RLA 850*136*0
24394CN.45K.00RA 700*00
26244CN.45Y.0RTA 600*00
30294CN.45K.0RLA 850*00
31644CN.45K.0RTA 600*00