Models and Details Dimensions mm (Inches): Ø30 (1-3/16), A=300 (11-13/16), B=450 (17-3/4), D=75 (2-15/16). Pull handle in anodized EN AW 6060 aluminium. Pull handle with straight supports. Pull handle with round profile Ø30 (1-3/16). Supports centre to centre distance A=300 (11-13/16). Overall dimension B=450 (17-3/4). Overhang D=75 (2-15/16). Round supports as the pull handle. Can be installed on aluminium, glass, wooden, PVC doors and mixed systems using the PBA fixing kit, to be ordered according to the material. Protection accessories for glass fixing included. Anti break-in fixing system. PBA D-type fixing. Standard finish: silver, bronze and black anodized satin finish (other finishes on request). Anodizing thickness Class 15 (15-17 micrometres) suitable for outdoor applications according to UNI standard 3952/66. Anodizing in compliance with the QUALANOD EURAS- EWAA quality label directives.
This product is only offered in a European format
14702AT.242.0025 250400700025
16822AT.253.0035 350500750030
24952AT.252.0030 300450750030
30802AT.225.0035 350520800035
31192AT.226.0055 550720800035
32682AT.243.0030 300450700025