Polyamide 6 is a thermoplastic resin with high mechanical resistance, excellent toughness to impacts and high resistance to wear and abrasion. Classified as a self-extinguishing UL 94V-2 category, polyamide 6 does not generate toxic gases, it is a safe material, hardly deformable and very durable.

- Thermoplastic resin (Polyamide 6)

- High mechanical resistance

- Tenacity

- Resistance to wear and abrasion

- Classified as self-extinguishable into category UL 94V-2


The LRV (LIGHT REFLECTANCE VALUE) is based on a scale of 0:100: the 0, which is a perfectly absorbing surface that could be assumed to be totally black, and the 100, which is a perfectly reflective surface that could be considered to be the perfect white. The visual contrast is given as a difference in LRV between two surfaces. The perceptible information principles of the universal design states that the design has to communicate information effectively regardless of ambient conditions. 

There is no correspondence between the colour’s of pba 6 polyamid extruded/stamped products and the RAL chart. The RAL standards indicated only represent an indication of pba’s colours, taking into account that they could be considerely different from each other, mostly depending on personal perception as well as monitor and printer settings. Sometimes pba plastic products could stand between two colours or there could be no match at all. Pba advices to request a sample for an accurate choice.